Supporting musicians across northwest  Michigan. 


Minnehaha Brewhaha

The second annual Minnehaha Brewhaha will be held in Arcadia, Michigan on Saturday, August 31st, 2019. The festival will highlight the talented local bands that call northwestern Michigan home, from students who are just starting their music careers to the home-style jamboree bands of music lovers.


Minnehaha Brewhaha Music Festival is happy to be hosting our first annual 5k and 15k!

Race starts at 8am so we can’t wait to see you bright and early. For more information and to sign up visit HTTPS://RUNSIGNUP.COM/RACE/MI/ARCADIA/MINIHAHABREWHAHA5K15K

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Special Appearance

Treasure Hunter Kevin Dykstra ‘The Curse of the Civil War Gold’


Minnehaha Brewhaha


Aug. 31st 2019


The festival will highlight the talented local bands that call northwestern Michigan home, from students who are just starting their music careers to the homestyle jamboree bands of music lovers. The centerpiece stage will be supported by a collection of other homegrown favorites, like local food trucks and a tasting sponsored by regional breweries. We believe that local acts deserve a spot in the limelight and that the talent we have here at home can anchor an annual community event and encourage the growth of our unique music scene.


Sponsored by:

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Gil and Lila Colver

Interested in sponsoring the festival? Get in touch via our contact page.



Cousin Curtiss

John Butler meets John Popper meets Keller Williams. Cousin Curtiss combines the picking style, soul, and energy of John Butler, the incendiary harmonica style of John Popper, and the multi-instrumentalist-live-looping talents of Keller Williams.

Performing at 9pm.


The Accidentals

In 2012 the band joined together from Traverse City, since then the three members have released three albums together. The group features an eclectic blend of indie folk, pop, jazz, bluegrass, rock, classical, and other genres, utilizing a wide variety of instruments that reflect the group's orchestral roots and electronic influences.

Performing at 7pm.

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Full Cord

The band started from four seasoned musicians that were just looking to play some traditional bluegrass instruments and created a new musically diverse band. Full Cord has a phenomenal song base with songs ranging from traditional country and bluegrass to modern pop hits. They never run out of songs to play.

Performing at 3pm.


Cindi Lou and The Red Hot Royals

All four band members are from the Detroit area, lead singer (Cindi Lou) grew up around music her whole life and music just seems to come naturally to her. Cindi Lou and her gang are pretty edgy! Weather they are playing some rooted americana, rockabilly, or classic blues they will rock your socks off.

Performing at 1pm.


Sweetwater Blues Band

Each member of the Sweetwater Blues Band brings their own unique personality and feeling to the blues. The music they perform is all about making a connection between the listener and stories told by the songs. Along with the bands relationship to their music, they also make connections with their audience, making listening to them astonishing. Blues with soul.

Performing at 5pm.


Jake Allen

With his unique percussive style, two hands on the neck techniques and live looping, Jake Allen transforms his acoustic guitar into a versatile instrument with the sound and energy of a full band. His powerful vocals, engaging lyrics and capacity to connect with his audiences have earned the ethereal/alternative artist recognition as a celebrated international touring sensation.

Performing at 11am.


Special Guest Appearances

Supporting our local youth with two special guest performances by Christian Goss of Traverse City and Hannah Johnson of Frankfort.